Allow Start Date for Milestones

I’d also like to see milestones have the ability to support a date range. We want to use them in our upcoming work tracking project to be able to have reference to the dates of events we support, and promotions. The reason for using milestones is to allow a visually different task to be on the calendar that the team can always automatically know that this is potentially one of the things they will be doing work to support and to show times where we could expect a heavier workload.

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Allowing a Start Date for Milestones would be helpful for us as well. We would like to start using the Workload Feature with “Add Effort” but we do not want to set effort for every single task as it feels too much like micro-managing. We were hoping to just add effort for the milestones in our projects so we can have a more accurate view of our team’s workload.

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I agree with the need for ranges on Milestones!! My team needs to be able to see the range during which Milestones are being working on, so they can see if there is a lot of overlap in work. It is a problem that we can only set a single date for sure. I don’t want to have to create the Milestones in order to use goals like “Project Scope Created” and then have to have a task for “Create Project Scope” that’s confusing and duplicative.

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Hi there - I am grateful for dean.clough’s question from back in May 2019. It makes no sense for Asana to not have a start date in addition to the due date in Milestones as this is incredibly meaningful to any industry and its build. How does Asana not know this? At the least, give the option to add a Start date vs. not having it available at all. Milestone date data are critical to any build as it gives data of what worked , what didn’t work, what needs to be improved, what employee needs support if numbers show work took longer than budgeted expected, accolades to a team or individual for great work… I could go on and on and on! Tell me how Asana tracks Milestone work for Asana employees…

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This seems like a basic feature that should easily be implemented

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Suggestion is to add the functionality and allow the customers to decide if they wish to enter a single date or a date range.
This gives everyone the ability to choose what works best for them.
Unless adding date range to Milestones break the code, sounds like a win win situation by adding the functionality.
I vote for adding it :wink:


I will be counting down the days for this feature to be available, it would make life in Asana so much easier.

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I’d like for this feature as well. We use Milestones across a number of days for an event.

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Now can you please implement it? It would be very very very helpful for at least 96 of us :slight_smile:


Have added my vote to the Allow Start Date for Milestones. We are managing a three-year program for a client that has multiple deliverables that they need reported. I need to provide the client and the delivery teams the Start > End timebox for all activity for these “Milestone Deliverables”. However, found that I can’t mark an entire Project (Epic) as a milestone. Can’t use Task (as an EPIC) without losing the Start > End timebox. Can’t use a Sub-Task as the Milestone because this does not report into the Project “Progress” section - Only Task level milestones do.

Whole-heartedly agree that Start > End Timebox PLUS selecting Milestone needs to be added.

So as not to create another post about Milestone start dates, I’d also like to add that this feature would also be extremely helpful to have for Portfolios, as our company has a multitude of large scale projects going on at the same time. We’re specifically struggling with lack of clarity with Milestones for the designers in our Portfolio timelines.

Any update on this since 2019??

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+1 for this feature, it’s incredibly frustrating to want to highlight tasks as critical by converting them to milestones (e.g. only managers can move milestone due dates for performance evaluation), but then losing start data that a bunch of our rules rely on to automate projects.

It’s continually frustrating when Asana has a feature that you want to use, but using it breaks a bunch of the other advertised features.


Still would rather be able to set intervals on milestones.

I don’t have any additional use cases to add, just that this issue is now 5 years old and wondering if there is a material update on its priority and if not, what do we need to do, to move this up in the list?