Goal: Best manage our Shopify wholesale retailers as a team, with the task showing up on 3 of our "My Task" pages

We are brand new to Asana, have the free version for now and are struggling to figure out how to manage our Shopify wholesale retailers via Asana. Not sure if we need to upgrade for this.

We have a 3 person wholesale team and we all 3 need to see the task on our “My Tasks” I want to remain the assignee so as I see the task on my calendar but I also want it to show up on our 2 wholesale managers tasks. I have added them as collaborators but the task isn’t showing up for them on their My Tasks.

These “tasks” will never be marked complete, but rather updated with the latest info/customer contact/order + then the due date changed.

2nd issue: we are entering + copying over the customer note from Shopify into the description so we have the latest in front of us on Asana for our wholesale customers. Is there a way to connect with Shopify and pull customer info over & for the note to automatically update on Asana, when we update it in Shopify?

Thank you for your help! I want to love Asana, and I’m sure I’m missing something simple…help!
Heather, Asana newbie

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In terms of multiple-assignees have a look at this feedback request thread: Assign multiple assignees on one task

People custom field was introduced recently which might help you: Assign multiple assignees on one task - #634
Now the thing is you would need a paid plan.

Another option could be assigning the task to the main person and subtasks to the other people involved. Again things could be automated with using rules but they are a paid feature also.

You might wanna consider just having one project where you store all your wholesale contacts and everybody has access.
Now you could then link this to google calendar for example and share the calendar with your team so they have these events showing too.

Now for this you‘d have to use an app as at the moment due times are not showing in the calendar. If you do not need due times then that works since they show as full day events.

To fetch Shopify data into Asana there are various ways on how to do this, depending on what info you need and how often or if automated.

  1. cvs import could work

  2. Various apps offer a connection also such as:
    Zapier, Automate, Make, Appypie

I hope that helps

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