Gmail integration - Ability to add last comment and task subject to emails sent via Rule Actions instead of custom comment

Currently we are using a couple of systems to retain the same information which means that the information isn’t always updated in one or the other.

We would love the ability for when a Gmail email is sent from Asana based on “comment added” or “task closed”, this would send an email to a system using the Subject of the Task and the last comment posted (or the fact the task was closed) in Asana so that it will auto update that other system with that new information.

This will allow us to prioritise working on our workflows in Asana without having to worry about updating the database system where incident information needs to be held for reporting and would remove manually having to copy and paste Asana updates into another system which usually gets missed.

I could imagine there may be multiple businesses dealing with double handling of work to another system related to updating notes on what’s been done, etc. Using the new Gmail integration this could easily help remove this issue.

Also even attaching the printable PDF to an email on closure would be amazing too.

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