Global Rules would rule! Create a library for Rules

Great idea @Rashad_Issa
What about creating a separate feature request for this?

Thanks Paul. I just realised this was a separate feedback but someone went ahead and merged it by mistake. @Marie and @Nao_Kumazaki could you please help and u merge my feedback from this thread?

We hope bundles will easily enable teams to drive consistency across workflows, and push out updates to multiple projects that are already in-flight – in just a few clicks! :sparkles:

Check out: Standardize and scale processes across teams — with workflow bundles

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Chiming in here. Yes! I’ve upvoted this, but reiterating how INCREDIBLY useful this would be. I work in an agency and I’m constantly setting up duplicate projects and processes for each client. Being able to build this into a global rules library and pull from it would be huge instead of having to recreate from scratch every time. Not to mention it will cut down on setup errors or missing steps when you’re putting it together. It’s easy to miss something with so many moving parts.

Hi @Leigh_Cara1 , welcome to the forum :wave:

Instead of duplicating projects, you could use Project templates with pre-built rules instead of building them from scratch each time. Just thought this may help until a Rules Library becomes a thing, hopefully soon! :crossed_fingers: