Get Organization's Subscribed Plan

Is there a way to retrieve the organization’s subscribed plan (e.g. Premium, Business, Enterprise or Free)?

I think you can’t. You can try to guess by trying to use features available only for different plans. I recall a conversation about this topic in the community, you might get lucky using the search field. @Phil_Seeman does that ring a bell?

I was hoping that I just need to set the correct opt_fields and I will be able to get the plan already. So far, I am only able to know if it’s free or a paid account if I try to retrieve the custom_fields. This is because I get this error message “Custom Fields are not available for free users or guests.” when a free account calls that particular API.

Unfortunately just querying for custom fields isn’t enough - if any team in an organisation has been upgraded, you will be able to query the custom fields. But if you then try adding fields to a project in a non-upgraded team it will fail.

I have resorted to checking if fields are present on any project in a team to determine its plan status, but obviously if no projects are present or they don’t yet use fields this will fail.

I would love to see a ‘plan’ field on workspaces and teams, or a way to query supported features.

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Same here.

Just to confirm what’s already been said here:

  • Be cognizant of the fact that the granularity of “which plan” and thus feature availability is more granular than just “the organization’s subscribed plan”.
  • There’s no data element one can query to determine whether a particular workspace/team for a particular user is premium, business, etc.

There’s more discussion of this topic here - in particular, note that posts by Jeff and Daniel from Asana: