Premium Versus Free Field

If I consider adding Start Date to does the API identify whether somebody has a Premium or free addition as I believe this is only available in Premium edition.


Hey @James_Carl and happy new year :slight_smile:

Premium organizations have admins. This the only way to identify if an organization is premium as far as I know.

Great question, I might have the same problem with custom fields!

Hopefully @Matt_Bramlage or @Jeff_Schneider can weigh in also on how the user could be distinguished in order to gray out the Start Date for Free Users.

Hey @James_Carl, @Bastien_Siebman, @Diakoptis,

This is a great question, though I don’t have an easy answer for you. We don’t have any sort of “is_premium?” endpoint as premiumness is somewhat fluid. For example, a user can be premium in certain projects or domains, but not in others.

We hope to add a premiumness check in the API in the future, but don’t yet have a clear path to do so.

One workaround (that Instagantt uses) is to just try to access a premium feature in the API on behalf of a user. If it works, then the user is premium.

Sorry we don’t have a better solution for you at this time.


Just to elaborate a little on what @Jeff_Schneider has explained – the user object in Asana’s data model can never be premium in itself. It can only be associated with domains (Workspaces or Organizations) that are premium. A user has access to premium features only within those premium domains.

So what you’d want to be testing by trying to access a premium feature (like admins, custom fields, or start date) is whether or not the domain associated with a user is premium rather than if the user is premium. Or, if you would just like to know if the user is a member of any premium domains, you’d want to loop through their workspaces field checking each domain.

Hope that helps!

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I think from what I am hearing it is premature to add Start Date to, to much risk of confusion especially when as I understand a Free Organization can have a Premium Project or Team within it. I think this has been a good conversation though because it will have to be addressed with the ever evolving differences between free and premium organization.s Thanks for the help.

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@DearDaniel @Jeff_Schneider

Just to confirm, though: there’s currently no way to tell via any API field value whether a domain is premium or not, is that right? I.e. the only thing we can do is execute the API method with the premium feature, trap an error and check if it’s a 402, and if so, re-try without the premium aspect?

Yeap. Is the only way.

Asanas why you don’t return the Premium indicator at the organization/workspace if it’s premium all and at the Team if is only a specific team?

Correct – there is no API call to see if a domain is a premium. We’d like to add premium checks in the API, but it’s not on the roadmap.

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