From Questions Won't Remain Static When Adding Branched Questions

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: This may be more of a UX-thing rather than a bug but it’s extremely difficult to add questions to multiple question branches. As you begin to drag a new question into the space for that branch the form scrolls to a seemingly random place and it’s challenging to control the scroll back down to the correct location. This happens almost every time and makes creating branched forms very laborious!

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version: Chrome 88.0.4324.150

Upload screenshots below:

@Peta_Williams, could you please forward a screencast to our support team so we can investigate this issue? I can’t seem to reproduce on my end, but this is definitely something we should look at.

In your video screencast, we recommend that you use a Chrome Incognito window and have your Javascript console open:

Try to include the entire browser window, including URL bar, in the video screencast. With that, our support team will be able to file a bug for our team to investigate :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help :star:

Hi Marie,

Here’s the video of the issue I’m having. As you can see, as I drop the new field in it scrolls way up from where I wanted to place it and then once I drop it in it scrolls way down the page. This has always happened (well, definitely since branching was an option). It’s not so bad when I’m creating shorter forms but this one was a monster that took so long to create with having to re-find the correct location every time I dropped a new field in!

I’m not sure if I had the correct console option open when recording.

I’ve just submitted the above to the support team via the form.



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