🤑 Free to use form banners


If you ask me what is the most under rated features in Asana, I will answer custom fields and forms.

Forms are amazing, they allow to collect requests/ feedback / info for a team in a standardised way, that then becomes a task in a project. Forms can be submitted by anyone inside or outside of the company.

But a form doesn’t have to be boring! Try using emoji’s to make it more colourful and fun, and make sure to add a banner at the top to take your form to the next level (design-wise)!

Need inspiration? iDO and Asana joined forces to build a free-to-use gallery of form banners! I’d love for the community to contribute as well and suggest additions for others to use!

Have a nice day, and long live forms! :fist:


Thanks for sharing these banners Bastien – they look amazing! Are the dimensions you used (1667 x 250) in pixels?

Yes I believe so why?

Thank you! I have tried adding my organization’s logo to our forms before but the image always comes out distorted but perhaps I can resize our logo using these dimensions to get a better resolution.


You definitely can.

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Where do these banners specifically go? Are these meant to be like a LinkedIn banner (background) per say. If so, can I input one in the header section of my calendar?

Hey Julian,

These banners are sized for use with Asana Forms. When creating or editing an Asana Form, at the very top of the form there is an option to edit the background banner (that is where these come in). That being said, since they are free-to-use you could use them for other uses I am sure.

You can definitely use them wherever you like but they were created to be used at the top of Asana forms. I’ll edit the post to show where the banner goes.

Great collection of images. Thanks for sharing @Bastien_Siebman :star_struck:

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Thank you so much!