Form customization


Is there a way to change the background color of a form? Or a way to drop-in a logo to let the person filling out the form that it is a legitimate form from the authorizing entity?

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That is a great question! At the moment it is not possible to change the background color or to add a logo but I agree that it would be a great feature! You can learn more about Forms in the following guide article:

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Thank you @Natalia. I even tried using the Wufoo list creator but was still unable to customize the way I wanted to. I only explored the free version and am not able to pay for a subscription in order to use other features. Although, I don’t think these features are available there either.

I am using asana Forms and want to customize the form output more visually. Custom header, change font size and colors.
i dont see any options, is this possible?

i have a premium plan

Not possible just yet.

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This would be great as we plan to use Forms as a bug reporting and product feedback gathering tool