Forwarding Email from Outlook to Asana

I am trying to forward an email from Outlook to I hear a “beep” or “tone” from Asana and it doesn’t add the email to my tasks. For other emails it works. This email does not have any attachments so I am not sure what is causing the issue. Thanks!

Hey @Dominick_Chase and welcome to the community :wave:
Just to confirm the email you are trying to forward is from the same email from which you forwarded other emails to Asana? Have you tried the advanced search to locate the task in my tasks and it is not showing up?

Even if the email does not have any attachments maybe there are some images or sth in the email itself that gets the size over 30 MB in total?

Since you are using the forwarding option to create tasks in Outlook maybe the direct integration will work better for you? Asana for Outlook • Asana

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