Formula Field not working without Start date

Hi - I’m trying to create a custom formula that calculates the number of hours x the number of days for holidays/time off tracking. Sometimes it’s a date range (like November 23-24) and sometimes it’s a single date (like November 22).

What i’d like to do is say:
Start date - End date * 8 hours = total hours

Unfortunately it won’t work if I don’t have a start date or if the start date is the same day as my end date. See screenshots for my current setup and a few task examples. Note that I finally figured out that my original formula was calculating total minutes, so I am dividing by 60 to get hours.

Wish list:

  • Count number of days between two dates (in this case: start and due date)
  • If Start Date = Due Date, value would be 1
  • if Start Date = NULL, value would be 1
  • Calculate Days * number of hours

Hi @Rachel_Hazen , have a look at point 1 here which may help:

You can also try replacing your 0 with 1.