"Forms" tab force choice between "Edit Form" and "Use Form"

When you click on the “Forms” tab in a project, instead of defaulting into the editor, you should get ONLY two buttons: One that says “Edit Form! Change questions etc” and one that says “Use the Form! fill out responses”.

Reasoning: originally Forms were intended for outside non-Asana users. However, more and more Asana-using companies are finding that Forms are great for collecting information from our employees. And many of these wonderful smart employees click on “Forms” and just start filling stuff in – only to realize later that they were editing the form content instead of using the already-built form. Then they feel dumb. They are not dumb, they just need an assist from the designers. There are all kinds of fancy things we could do with permissions, allowing us to make a copy of the Form to keep elsewhere, etc – but this button solution would make it crystal clear what you’re doing.

(And the “Forms” tab is misnamed, it should just be called “Form”, since we’re only allowed one per project, but that’s a topic for another day wink)

Hi @Katie_Kendle, thanks for providing this feedback!

While we have no plans to update the Forms tab options right now, I’ll keep you posted if this is something our Product team makes updates to in the future! :slight_smile:

I FULLY agree! We produce several podcasts/vidcasts and are hoping to use Asana forms for both team members and outside sources to submit potential guests into our guest database. We created a fairly involved form so that the person submitting can provide as much relevant info about a potential guest as possible. We have yet to decide if Asana is the right tool for these guest submissions or if we should be doing it on Airtable. But team members absolutely should be able to fill out a form from within Asana w/out having to launch the form. And (on another front), we should also be able to duplicate a form for another project, instead of having to fully start over and recreate it every time we take on production of a new podcast.

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The design of the forms tab does feel unintuitive.
When I go to “Customize”, scroll down to “Forms” and click on that tab, it should open the editor to edit the form instead of opening the “View form”.
Reason is when we click on “Customize”, we are expecting to customize the form instead of filling it out. Then instead of a pen button we could have an “External Link” icon to view the form to fill out.
Found a lot of our employees when they are wanting to edit the form, they always accidentally open to view the form instead of the editor and they get really confused as to what to do.
In reality we never open the view form via Asana. We would access the form through the external link.