Form automation on Website to Specific Asana teams

Hi There,

I am working on website lead submission forms that need to be directed to specific regional sales teams by zip code. So the lead on the web page would enter either just their zip code or all their contact information and based on the zip code, the submission would route to a certain asana team for follow up. I have done this with Hubspot and other CRM but not asana.

We can use asana forms, gravity forms, mailchimp, zapier as needed. I just cant seem to find the right documentation here in asana.

Thanks for any help!

The only way to do this in Asana would be to use Rules applying on the submission. But at the moment Asana doesn’t allow rules on number or text field. You’ll have to rely on custom code I am afraid… or a dropdown to pick a region.

Or our Flowsana integration, whose rule triggers and actions support number and text custom fields. :slight_smile:

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