For a task in multiple projects, if it is deleted in one project, should it be deleted in other projects as well?

or should it not?
What do you think?

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Hey @Vib_Wor; Michael from Asana here.

When you multi-home a Task into different Projects, it’s important to remember that it is the same Task, even if it does appear in more than one space. This means that when you edit/delete a multi-homed Task, this will be reflected in all the spaces where the Task resides. Following this logic means that when you delete a multi-homed Task, it will then be deleted from all the Projects it had been multi-homed to.

If you wished to have the same Task appear independently in more than one space, then we recommend copying it, rather than multi-homing it. While it will not be as dynamic as a Task that’s been multi-homed (where an edit in one space is reflected in all others), however this allow you the flexibility of deleting a Task from a Project, without fear of losing the core Task -along with all its contents- throughout your Asana.

Hopefully this clarifies how mutli-homed Tasks operate a little more!

Do let me know if anything else on this requires more clarity; that’s what we’re here for!


Thanks for the clear answer, Michael.

I actually know the logic behind and understand how it works at the moment. However considering this.

Mr. Tom has access to project A,B but not C
Task X is assigned to project A,B,C for some reasons. (It could be someone running the project C)
Mr. Tom open project A and delete the task X. (Unknowingly that it is homed in another project as well)

Is it fair that the task is completely removed from the project C?

This post should be in product feedback category though. My bad.

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Hi again!

Per the logic of multi-homed Tasks, the deletion of a Task in one space will delete it in all spaces it’s been multi-homed to, regardless of the individual permissions of those spaces.

I did notice those that if a task is multihomed to projects A and B and project A is deleted, the task in question will remain in project B

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