Follow-Up Dates

It would be great to set a static ‘due date’ and then set follow-up dates to remind yourself to check in on certain dates. The ‘due date’ would not change however.

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It would cool indeed. Right now that’s what “follow up tasks” are for.

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Agree :slight_smile:

If it‘s of any help, below is how I do it. While in the task I want to followup later, I hit these shortcuts in this sequence:

TAB + S (to add a subtask) —> I write then „Followup“ as a subtask title —> TAB + M (to assign the subtask to myself) —> TAB + D and then type in e.g. „next week“ or „Aug 15“ (to set a followup date).

Like this, I get to create a followup task in the shortest amount of time, without leaving my hands from the keyboard.

Hope this helps!

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Cool set of shortcuts!

Yep. For example I have a “aggregation” project where I have a section “Follow ups” and there I can easily check all the “reminders” My workflow is:

In any task within the Asana just use SHIFT+TAB+F and a follow-up task pop up. Its automatically named as "Follow up on “Name of the task where you are”, assigned to you and already with the link to the original task in the description. Then I put the follow-up task to the aggregation project to the section Follow ups and by TAB+D set a date usually by typing +7 days or +30 days etc. Similar to the mention by @Rosario_Messina Then you can control and check all the follow-ups from one place and in the right time in your MyTasks as well :slight_smile:

Happy Assaning :heavy_check_mark:

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