Fixed Dates and Recurring Dates in Templates

Hi! I create a lot of templates for my work and I’ve found several limitations with dates.

I’d love if it were possible to choose fixed dates for a template - instead of all dates being relative to whatever start date someone enters when they create the project. For example, we have to complete various steps of our Performance Review on three set dates each year. I’d like those dates in the template to stay exactly as the dates I set them - May 31, for example.

Secondly, it would be so helpful to use recurring dates. One template is for a project that includes tasks that occur on a weekly basis. Many of our staff are not tech savvy and they get frustrated that these tasks disappear on them. They don’t know how to make the deadline recurring once they create their project from the template. I would be so excited to be able to create recurring deadlines from a template (such as weekly due dates). Our whole staff (almost 100 people) will be switching to this template in August. It would be wonderful to have recurring dates before then.



I need this also! Building out project templates that need recurring but FIXED due dates. I considered creating a “DO Date” field, but then that doesn’t have a recurring option.

Hi there @Chelsea_Ford , thanks for posting, is there a reason you are using a template rather than reoccuring tasks?

Hi Danielle,

Yes, we would want the recurring dates in the template. The template is for our organization’s 1:1 meetings. We want everyone to create their own project from this template, for a consistent 1:1 format (with some flexibility). A few of our 1:1 tasks are things staff do weekly to prepare for the meeting. It would be so helpful if I could make those tasks automatically due weekly, from the template. Then the 1:1 project is accurate when staff create it from the template. Thanks for your help.

The fixed date is not as important, but we do have 4 tasks within our 1:1 template that we would like to be due on a fixed date, recurring annually. This is for our annual review quarterly check-ins. Thank you.

Hi @Chelsea_Ford appreciate the explanation, will be adding my vote now!