Fivetran Integration

Does anybody know anything about what Fivetran is, its costs, usefulness with Asana in BI etc.

Had video conference with them today. It is a data warehouse with integration to such products as Google Big Query Data Warehouse and then any number of BI tools such as Looker, Chartio, and Periscope. The complete solution would get pretty expensive as their part alone for less than 25 users is $1,800 per year. They do have a few Asana users but I imagine they are larger companies, not necessarily representing the typical company size. Asana is well aware of the suggestions for a report writer and better BI reporting. So we shall see where they go from here.

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HI James - How did it go with them? We already have Fivetran for our Datawarehouse projects so I am about to ask about connecting up Asana so we can do some better reporting.

I did not follow-up as it was cost prohibitive to me as a consultant.