Asana API on data collection

Could people share their experiences with collecting data via the Asana API?

I’m looking for a well-priced API tool that creates a live feed to a database, the choice is very limited and generally expensive. I know Fivetran is an advertised data pipeline, it’s dearer then poison.

I want to use Power BI, the output is beautiful and delivers a very professional dashboard which can be shared with clients and team members easily, however some… Person… decided the integration wouldn’t fetch custom field data - :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Before people get carried away with the other wannabe BI tools, just don’t waste my time.

What are the options people are using out there?

The best quote I’ve received so far is with Hevo at $135 AUD a month. On top of this though is the data warehouse subscription and then the Power Bi subscription - death by subscription.

At this point, the cheapest thing I can do is migrate my business to another project management tool like Smartsheet that already has the full integration.

Seriously, how does someone forget to put in the custom fields integration?!?!

Any assistance would be appreciated as the reporting limitations from Asana means I’m up till late extracting data the old way.