Any plan for Asana to integrate with Tableau


I find that Asana can integrate with Power BI. How about the market leader like Tableau? (for self-service BI& analytic software)

Sure, Tableau is no cheap, let alone being freemium like PowerBI, but it’s growing fast, more powerful and has bigger market.

I wish to see that integration sometime in the future.


Did you try to reach out to Tableau and see if that is in their roadmap?


Hi @Bastien_Siebman, Tableau usually doesn’t give out much about their road map, unfortunately. But good point. I’ll ask them anyway. In the meantime, I have submitted the idea/request to them as well. I will see how it goes.


I am asking because in the case of Slack for example, they are the one who developed the integration :+1:


@Bastien_Siebman I asked, they replied, but like I said, they don’t give out about the product road map. Their reply is kind of useless. lol.


It is probably worth asking anyway so they know people need this.


I see that Asana is interesting in doing this integration.

We need to get Tableau to move forward with this.


@Jeff_Schneider @Vaughn_Dewar

I hope this might be useful.

I can flag Tableau by opening a support case or contact the Pre-Release team. Please let me know if I could help.