First look into Project Overview Tab

I am so pleased asana launched the project overview tab​:man_dancing:! Such little things that make everyone working on these updates absolutely brilliant. :+1:

Here is my first look :eyes:into the feature:

  • Project Brief :paintbrush:

While this language is very useful for marketing teams, don’t let that stop you. Use this field to house your project charter or project scope :scroll:

Every time I worked on a project :briefcase:, I used to create one task and call it:
‘Everything you need to know about this project ------->’ Inside this task, I would house subtasks, each one highlighting a key area in the project: scope, budget, schedule, management, quality checks, stakeholders, etc…

While this feature worked well, it did not come without issues. For instance, it was the only task housed without a section. It was the only task that would look odd in a project board view, and it was a task that would easily be lost for those new project members who join the work mid flow. And to be honest :innocent: it was also a task that could easily get forgotten from keeping up-to-date.

So how does Project Overview now work for me:
a) Project Brief in a one stop shop that includes all the key information about the project. I write it up concise so people easily read it. OR
b) Usually we work on a project that starts with an audit on an area in the business - or a discovery stage. The result of this discovery stage results in a report and clear direction. I attach this document :bookmark_tabs: to the project brief. Why? Because it is important not to lose sight on where the project is heading. This becomes your baseline!

But the :mag:discovery stage is part of the project work, do you keep the project brief empty until that is done? I would recommend not to. Keep in mind your project board is not a static piece. It evolves with your work. SO as a starting point, let the brief be the high-level of the project scope - or as project managers might call it the project charter. Once the discovery work concludes, then add the document there as a resource. Any new member joining your project team would need to read it to understand the context of the work. Here is a good article 25 Essential Project Management Skills to Succeed • Asana that shows some of the skills needed to success in a project and highlights the importance of communication and organisation

  • How we Collaborate: :handshake:

Treat this section as your executive summary. Don’t put too much details. I personally put the key rules for the project such as the key deliverables :dart:, where documents are stored :file_cabinet: especially when asana is not the only business tool for collaboration, and an outline of the most exposed communication plan.

  • Project Roles 🧍

This is a straight forward feature that is brilliant for everyone to know who is the project team and who is added just from a stakeholder stand point. This can be further developed

So what would I like to see different to this page?
i. Ability to shuffle these headings to my own liking
ii. Ability to delete / archive project briefs as they change
iii. Ability to save project roles the same way I create a custom field - so I do not need to type them at every project
iv. Ability to click on a person from the project role and go directly to all their open tasks within the project itself


Great write up @Rashad_Issa :raised_hands:t3: I’ve shared it in Introducing Project Overview, Project Brief, and Messages - #26 by Marie as I’m sure it will be useful to many customers!


Thanks @Marie i am very thrilled with the release and I do hope people maximise on the feature :+1:


Love the new feature, a question on this - Is there any way to have the Milestones in Project Overview show Milestones that are a sub-task of a main task?

And usually, when you start sorting the project, that task gets to the bottom of the list :sweat:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about that new feature!

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