Filtering on Calendar View

Huge +1 here for this

Filter views on calendars are one of the key things that is keeping our team from moving all of our work to Asana off another platform. Without that feature, we can’t move fully to Asana so we’re stuck between two systems at the moment.

We need a way to build filters to view the calendar by custom fields to show types, etc.
Ideally I’d love to be able to have a filter view for a variety of things, such as “milestones” vs “tasks”, off a selected custom field option such as “status” or other custom options.

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We really need this - any updates on this? It is literally causing our adoption to go down because if we can’t consolidate around a marketing calendar in asana, then we push into other platforms and bring everyone back out of asana and we get less buy in.


Please please add this feature in! We are at a huge disadvantage not being able to filter in this view. You can filter in the List view but this limitation in the calendar view is not fun to have to deal with :frowning:

Please fix this. It is holding back our whole team from adopting asana. Its fundamental for a marketing calendar.

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We need this! Our marketing calendar is massive and we need the ability filter by customer fields. May need to look at an alternative to asana if this feature doesn’t become available soon.

+1 to this - it makes the calendar view pretty unusable in many cases without. I see this thread was started years ago - not sure what the hold up is given the feature is already clearly available in list view?