Filter projects by multiple fields (including custom) and save different filter views.

This is a bit ridiculous this feature does not exist, it’s not rocket science. It’s starting to really annoy me to have to re-select my custom filter every time.

Can we have this basic feature please?

Also looking forward to see this implemented

same here

Me too!

This is necessary for my work. Period.

I lead several teams and we work off of the same roadmap. This puts Asana in a toy category from the other professional choices.

We need this feature! Please make this a top priority, it would be a game change in the way people can use Asana.

When using My Tasks, I like to get the big picture but one thing that would help tremendously is by getting some more flexibility when tasks are sorted. I like having my tasks sorted by project but then all the projects default alphabetically. Ideally, I’d like to sort the projects by the ones that have a task with the nearest due date. (E.g. if one project has a task due today that would be at the top, where if a project has a task with only a due date a year from now that would be at the bottom). Or if that’s not possible at least being able to drag and drop the projects to an order that I want to see them in.

Hi @Drew6, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

While this feature isn’t available at this time, hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future

We do have an existing thread for this feature request in the #productfeedback category so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing one to consolidate feedback.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:

In case this should be implemented, it would be great to have more filtering operators like “is not”, “greater than or equal to”, “less than”, etc. as well as being able to add multiple filters on one project using AND/OR logic.

For example, being able to filter:
[Progress Field] >= 10 AND
[Priority Field] is not ‘low’

This is such basic functionality, can this please be added. It’s ridiculous that we cannot save views and filter by multiple fields - it really is stock standard database behaviour and should be available.


Exactly, I would like be able to have assignee filter saved for each team member so the list view can be more usable. But I have found the following workaround to do this. For some reason the rule stopped working last Friday when I copied my board for another team. I have tried deleting the rules and inserting them again and no success.

Here is how I set this up:

Create Section and Rules:

  • Section per team member
  • Rule: When task is assigned to “team member 1”, move task to comumn “team member 1”

** Section: stories in sprint.** All stories and its subtasks were always visible here even though they were assigned to a team member and appeared also in their section. It was easy to to see the progress of the story and view the load on each assignee. (RULE: When assigned to X, move task to Section X)

** Section.** Team member 1:
** Section:** Team member 2
** Section:** Team member 3
** Section:** Team member 4

Does anyone know how to fix this rule while we wait for the ability to save multiple filters?

It was so disappointing to find this thread asking for such an important feature since May 2019 and no solution or even roadmap for a solution.

Not being able to save a custom filter view is causing a lot of confusion and wasted time in our team. Please give us some update if this is planned.

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@Rodrigo_Pontes Thus I moved to clickup 12 months ago… I can’t believe Asana still hasn’t added this essential feature I requested 3 years ago :exploding_head:

Any update on this? just started using Asana and find it hard to believe that I cannot save a custom view with a filter!


Been waiting for this since May 2019. Can we get an update?

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath any news on this topic? Upvoted already, maybe you could pull strings? :slight_smile: