Filter doesn't stay active in a personal view (I don't want to affect my team view)


Please tell me that I’m silly and can’t find the option for filters (types/assigned to me) to stay all the time in my view? They go away if I switch over to a different board.

Otherwise it’s just shocking that it’s not available on the platform!


Welcome, @Robocop,

When you change a filter, sort, etc., you’ll see a blue dot near the top right and can click it and choose Save for everyone:

There’s no save for just yourself in projects, though the Just my tasks filter applies to the person using it (dynamic):



Thank you :slight_smile:

I can’t believe what I’m seeing here. It’s 2023 and you can’t filter ahahah … guys come on, let me filter :smiley:

In the view above, you could select “Save as a new tab” and then name it “Robocop filter” or similar. That way the existing Everyone view remains unchanged. Granted, this clutters the tab list that everyone sees.

So alternatively, you could create and save an Advanced Search for just you, with whatever Project(s) you want.

Hey :slight_smile: thank you, that might work (creating a board for yourself) cos I see other people are doing something similar.

For Asana team though - let people filter lol, it’s not only me having this problem.

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