Feedback on moving My Tasks/Inbox/Dashboard to Sidebar


I like to keep the sidebar closed when I can (I usually have Asana in a half-screen window, not full-screen, so I need the real-estate for the task list and details).

Moving the links to My Tasks etc. into the sidebar means that instead of one click to get to those views, it’s three: open sidebar, click, close sidebar. I preferred having those buttons in the top bar.

The new design is pretty cool, this is just one user’s $.02 on one piece of the design.

It is good incentive to learn the keyboard shortcuts though!


Do the new shortcuts Tab-Z and Tab-I address your concerns?


Definitely helps.


See also: Continuity between web and mobile interfaces through icons

There may be something that could be done, with better/common icons for these key functions in a vary narrow collapsed left-nav column, or in the header bar alongside the expand-sidebar burger-menu icon.