Continuity between web and mobile interfaces through icons

People find the mobile app confusing and non-intuitive.

This would be significantly reduced if the icons were used consistently across the web and mobile products.


Use the hamburger menu from the web that shows the teams and projects shelf, in the mobile app rather than the clipboard icon. And put it on the left edge!

In the web interface, show the inbox icon next to the ‘inbox’ text, so app users know that’s the ‘inbox’. And please please use a standard arrow-into-tray ‘inbox’ icon, rather than an ‘alerts’ bell icon.

In the mobile app, there is a ‘global conversations list’ icon, that seems to have no analogue in the web interface. This has the potential to be quite useful. But there needs to be something like a ‘conversations’ option, showing the same icon, in the left nav shelf. (e.g. under dashboard)

In the mobile app, shift the user-profile to top-right and the nav-menu to top-left, to match the web ui.

You get the drift, there are a bunch of tiny, easily resolvable inconsistencies and lack of affordances that make new users dislike Asana because they can’t instantly get their heads around the mobile UI.