Feature request: url turns into file title

When you insert some Asana task url in the description of some other task, the url “turns” into a text. It would handy if it worked the same way for integrated storage urls, e.g. if I post google docs url in the description it should turn into the title of the doc.

Hey! You can actually do this if you use the Asana and Google Drive integration. Just click on the paperclip and choose from your drive. You can even link to full folders if you want.


Hi April,

Thanks for suggestion, I know about that feature. What I’m suggesting is an alternative workflow. It’s for when one is starting from google drive and then gets to asana.

Also, attaching has needless step, you have to chose account every single, this is annoying. But this is a different issue.

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Agreed, also there is no way to attach multiple files at once. It would be great to just paste a bunch of Google URLs and have them auto-convert into attached files.