Handling of URLs in editor/comments


if I am not mistaken the handling of URLs in task description or comments changed at some point from “only URL as hyperlinked text” to “URL entity with title and URL target”. Not sure when this changed but has been like this for quite a while now.

To have this is quite nice but there is one annoying gotcha.
When I paste a URL into Asana it gets converted to the new URL entity format (title + URL). When I now change the URL text in the editor it only changes the title but not the URL target location. To change the location, too, I have to open the URL “popup” and change the URL separately - annoying.
For URLs where there is no specific title set (or the title is equal to the URL target) I would expect the URL target to change, if I edit the URL in the comment.

Is this expected behavior? Can I change it somehow?