Feature Request - Task Hot List Widget

Re My Tasks, you may also find my article helpful which covers some recommended and alternate approaches to the flexible My Tasks:

Re Pomodoro, there’s no such feature or mentions in settings, AFAIK.




@lpb - thanks very much for the article. Quickly browsed just now and looks to be super useful. Identified a few tips right off the bat that I will be implementing! Definitely have been under utilizing the My Tasks view. Starting to understand it and am excited at how powerful it can be!

Regarding Pomodoro… what is this I see in my settings all about?

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So glad that my My Tasks article may be helpful.

Re Pomodoro settings: I stand corrected; sorry! I don’t use the Desktop app and I don’t believe this is documented anywhere. Is it an A/B test, @Forum-team?



I have never seen it either. And I can’t find how to start a session…

We announced the Desktop “Focus Mode” feature to Asana Desktop (aka Pomodoro Timer) back in August, see announcement here:


@Emily_Roman Interesting… How come I still dont see any of this functionality?

Where your screen shows “My Priorities” I show “My Tasks”

Is this a feature behind a paywall? I am on a business account.

Agreed, can’t see focus mode/Pomodoro either.

Thanks for flagging! Let me investigate this further :pray:

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Did you find anything?

Mine is bugging out as I am in other peoples instances too

I am also a business user and have never been able to find or use the pomodoro features, i only see options for it in settings.

But I also second the request to have an always visible and on top widget that is a small and minimalist list of my tasks, so that it’s always there for me.

Hi @Emily_Roman - any updates to share? :grinning:

I’m following this thread as I’m curious to hear updates, too!

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Also following this topic. A client asked me about it this morning.

Hi everyone, and apologies for the delay here!

I investigated this further and I realised we used to call the widget “My priorities” back in 2022 when we launched it. At the moment, the widget is called My Tasks, and it shows you your list of tasks sorted by due date, which helps you have an overview of your most important tasks with one click :slight_smile: This widget is currently only available when you have the Asana desktop app opened.

You can follow this steps to access the widget:

  1. In your system tray, there should be an Asana icon

  1. Clicking it will open a smaller “tray” window where you can interact with upcoming tasks

  1. Hovering over a task will show a clock icon, and clicking it will start a 25-minute Pomodoro timer.

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 12.30.30

  1. Once the timer is over, a 5-minute break timer will start

  2. After the break, the timer will reset, and you can start another one, if needed.

You can change Pomodoro settings in the “General” tab in the Desktop app settings.

If you are having trouble populating tasks in the My tasks widget or starting the pomodoro timer, could you please clear the cookies of your desktop app or restart your laptop? This usually solves any glitches. If you still experience any issues, please contact our support team and we will be able to investigate each specific issue: Asana Support - Help Center • Asana

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Ill put this up there with “tab+n within subtasks” for competing for the “most buried/obscure feature” award :laughing:

Thanks @Emily_Roman for following up. Ill have to give it a try soon.

Im assuming this doesnt integrate with the more newly launched “actual time” field does it?

Correct @FenwayJohnny! It doesn’t integrate with custom fields at the moment.

Got ya.

Would be pretty cool if it did. Also would be nice if it had an option for the user to decide what task(s) are viewed there. I found not being able to start the Pomodoro timer on a overdue task annoying.

100% :rofl:

@Emily_Roman is this Mac OS only?

@Bastien_Siebman This feature should appear in the menu bar (Mac users) or system tray (Windows users)!

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