Feature Request: Show More Topics



By default, Asana only shows five projects at a time on the LHS toolbar. To see more projects, I have to click on “Show More Projects.”
Why should I have to do this if there is plenty of space to display more projects? I find it irritating. It would be nice if the user could choose the number of projects to display before having to push another “Show More Projects” button.


Hi @Steven_Selverston,

You can add projects to your favorites and then they should always display the way you wish:

I have mine set up with projects and people who I commonly look at their My Tasks page:


Hi Ryan,

  Thank you, that is a helpful approach. Still not ideal IMO because now I have a redundant copy of the project list (One list under "Favorites",  in addition to the original project list), and this makes the page quote busy. Anyhow I do appreciate the reply though!