Always Loaded 'More Projects'


Hi, is there a way to always keep more projects loaded so that I don’t have to click that ‘More Projects…’ button everytime I open Asana?

Someone suggest that ‘star’ the project would list the project on top, but it only list down 8 projects before ‘show recents and more’.

This happened to be the same case in android and ios as well.

I second this. I have plenty of room on my screen and a lot of projects I’d like to be able to see at once.

I use my projects list on a weekly basis to look through all the projects in my organization and make sure the next step on each is being tracked. We have several teams, and sometimes I fail to notice some of the projects in a team because they’re hidden behind a link. At a glance it is hard to tell the difference between “Show more” and “Show archived projects”. This would be a great feature that would help me avoid these slips.