Feature request: set default visibility for tasks


Right now, tasks are not public by default; you must specifically put a task into a project or mark it as public for others to see it. In our organization, we would prefer to make tasks public by default, so that supervisors can easily see the complete workload and distribution of their team members’ tasks, and so that if a subtask is assigned to someone, they can view the task it’s a part of without requesting permission and waiting.

I imagine this as a simple default visibility radio button or drop-down menu somewhere in “Organization Settings.”


@Jack_Cuneo, that’s an interesting observations.

  • Taska inherit the permissions of whatever Project they are in, so I’m curious about whether folks in your organization have a convention of creating Projects as Private by default?
  • My other thought is that you’re referring to the default Private state of Tasks you create in your My Tasks (which don’t have a Project and have the option to Make Public). We want people to be able to use their My Tasks as a source of truth about their work, some of which might be shareable with the organization and some that might not be :slight_smile:

If it’s the latter, and that’s causing issues with visibility into what people are working on, encourage people to create collaborative work in a Public Project. Projects are intended to be collaborative to-do lists, where people can work together and have clarity on what’s on everyone’s plate, so they sound like the right place to be creating (and completing!) this type of work.

A quick Advanced Search of Tasks Completed this week across your team might create the incentive your team needs to show off the great work they are doing, publicly. Let me know what you think!


Referring to tasks in My Tasks. We’d like everything to be public by default. If you want something to be private, it can be, but you have to set it that way, either by putting it into a Private Project or marking it as private.

The problems with encouraging people to just put these sorts of things in Projects are:

  1. Project organization isn’t robust in Asana.
  2. Defaults are powerful. Everything in the current system makes things private by default - one must take specific action to make things public, including putting tasks into Projects. Therefore, the system is weighted towards privacy because that is where the defaults lie. Great - until it’s not :slight_smile:

This is not a request that needs troubleshooting, though I thank you for trying! It’s a feature request, so that my organization can test out something that we all agree would be much more useful to us.


I agree with Jack on this one, I don’t want to create a project as my tasks can be ongoing or not related to a particular project.

I would like my manager to see what I’m up to by default and comment as needed.



We need the same feature. Really urgent!
What does ASANA think about?


We need this, too. We are new to ASANA and we really start to loving ASANA. But this is a very important feature to us, this lack of freedom how I want to handle the permissions of our tasks is a down breaker.

Perhaps you can make a hack that the admin of the workspace can choose if my tasks should be default private or public?

And what is the shortcut to make a task public in the meanwhile as a workaround?


yeah sure, everything nice in theory but in practice people, specially non technical people, just don’t know/look for this details like setting the project private or public.
Therefore, a default would save a lot of trouble to many here.
Just let your customer decide what is best for them on a setting panel. You could chose to keep going with Asana’s behaviour or force a default value.