Feature request: Multiple billing owners

Currently it seems it’s only possible to assign a singile billing owner to an organization. This is really inconvenient as it means the truck factor is 1. E.g. we needed to increase the seat count but our billing owner is taking some time off.

The only workaround is to create another non-personal shared admin account with the password shared between multiple users. This is bad because:

  1. Asana loses the information who is/are actually the billing admin(s)
  2. Shared passwords are bad because of security
  3. The customer needs to pay for the seat

Please add the option to designate multiple users as the billing owners.


I fully support this request. Very inconvenient to only have one billing owner and would be very useful to be able to share the responsibility. Than you

In our company, we are several co-founders, and we’d like to see how much we pay for Asana.
Basically, we’d like to have several billing admins, because it makes the company more robust if this responsibility doesn’t fall on only one of us.

Is there a way to do that?

Hi @Ambroise_Unly.org, thanks for sharing this feedback! It’s currently not possible to assign multiple billing owners. I’ve gone ahead and merged your thread with an existing product feedback request. I hope you don’t mind!

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I agree that this is very useful. As the Admin Assistant to our company, I am responsible for creating new seats for new employees. It is rather inconvenient to have to reach out to our President who was the original owner to add seats to our account every time. It takes much longer to get that done when it could all be done myself.

A client told me yesterday “now that we can have multiple billing owner…” and I can’t see it on my end. @Emily_Roman has anything been released lately? thanks

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman, we are gradually rolling out an option that allows Admins and Super Admins to change Billing Owners from the Billing tab in the Admin Console. We will post an update in this thread once it’s fully rolled out!

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Good news for all our paid customers! We just launched an update that allows Super-admins and Admins to access the Billing tab in the Admin Console.

Going forward, Admins and Super Admins will be able to:

  • Edit or cancel a paid plan
  • Change Billing Owner
  • Update payment information
  • View seat utilization
  • Download invoices

Please note, there can be multiple Admins in your Organization, so this update allows you to have several users as back-ups in case the Billing Owner is not available. Learn more in this article: Admin Console • Asana Product Guide

@Bastien_Siebman I have updated my comment above as I got some clarification from our Product Team :pray:


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