Feature Request: Implementation of Task Completion Rules for Enhanced Data Quality and Integrity

Hi all,

I’m reaching out to inquire about a specific functionality within Asana that would significantly benefit project administrators and team members alike, ensuring the quality and integrity of project data.

Feature Inquiry: Task Completion Rules

Does Asana currently support the ability for project administrators to set rules for task completion? For example, I’m interested in a feature that would require certain fields to be filled out or ensure that no critical fields are left blank before a task can be marked as completed.

Rationale: This feature would serve as a safeguard against incomplete data, promoting thoroughness and accuracy across projects. It could help teams maintain consistent standards, especially in environments where detailed information is crucial for task execution and project success.

Current Limitations: If there are existing methods or workarounds to achieve similar outcomes, I’d greatly appreciate learning about them. However, if this functionality does not exist, I believe its development could represent a valuable addition to Asana’s feature set.

I am keen to start a conversation about this feature. If other members also see the benefit of such a feature or have suggestions on how it could be effectively implemented, please join the discussion.

Thank you for considering this.

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@Yang_Wu FYI I’ve merged this thread into another one in Product Feedback for this request. You can add your vote for it at the top of that thread!

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