Feature Request: Filter Board by assigned user



Same here:


Hi @Tansy_Arron-Walker -

Thanks for your feedback. My name is Christa and I’m a researcher here at Asana. Our product team is working on these additional Boards functionality to help teams like yours who are heavily using Board projects more easily manage your work. We’ve also built a way to switch a Board project to a List project to enable sorting/filtering ability as step one of several steps to improve the Board project user experience.

I’d love to spend 45 minutes over video chat enabling this new Board to List switcher and to better understand your overall workflow with Boards.

To sign up, pick a time with my availability here. We are trying to wrap up sessions this week, but please let me know if these won’t work for you.


Calendly link:https://calendly.com/christa-asana/asana-research-session-boards/09-05-2018


Hello, there is no available time. How can we enable this switcher?


normally kanban board’s logics are based on this feature. we should filter the kanban boards by assigned user.