Feature Request: Advanced Search Excluding Tasks Linked to Additional Projects



Hi all, :rocket:

In my daily workflow, I tend to have tasks linked to 2-3 concurrent projects:

  • some are employee boards
  • some are development task view projects
  • some are private client facing projects

First thing each day before any am standups, I check a saved search of mine to review all new tasks created in the last 24hrs.

And within that search result, I save the view to In Projects.

That is where I encounter a frustrating issue. When I view this saved search, I will see the same task displayed across multiple projects. Which leads you to believe there are more new tasks than the actual total sum of new.

I was wondering if there was a way to create a linked Project Hierarchy within tasks that house one or more additional Linked Project. By doing so, one could run a search and select a radio button or option within the advanced search options, selecting only to view the primary task location - or the created within the original project location.

Again, I know this is a bit complicated, but I feel the end result is something that should be a default search for all users: All unique tasks created in the last 24 (non-dupes), sorted by projects.

I hope this is a helpful suggestion for those of you with a high volume of tasks linked to additional projects. To me, this would be a big time saver.

Thanks, everyone! :dog: