Search for tasks that don't belong to a project

It would be great to search for parent-level tasks* that exist without a project. Sometimes tasks are created quickly that just need to be done, but for documentation purposes, it would be great to go back and assign them to the appropriate project later.

I say parent-level tasks* because right now it seems like sub-tasks by default are not included in the project, but generating a long list of unassigned sub-tasks wouldn’t add much value to the situation I described.

Hi @Justine_D :wave:t5: Thank you so much for reaching out!

You should be able to search for tasks that don’t belong to any project using the Advanced Search Tool. To do so, simply add the option “no project” in the project filter. I’m attaching a screenshot to show you the steps:

Would that help Justine? Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

@Natalia Is there any way to exclude sub tasks? If its parent task is part of a project then I don’t want to see it in the search results.

Yes, it’s part of More Filters… And when you get your search just right, you can save it and name it, so it will be permanently available as a “Report”. image

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Oh – fantastic! I just didn’t dig deep enough.

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