Facilitate 1on1 Meetings using Multi-homing

I mentioned this tip briefly in a previous post, but felt it was deserving of it’s own thread - 😱 How smart are you? Reveal your some cool ways/secrets of leadership/management via Asana! - #5 by Jerod_Hillard

As many are well aware, the Multi-homing feature in Asana is one of the most powerful, unique features that limits the redundancy yet allows individuals to show work in more than one place. This feature really came to life for us when we discovered how useful it is for structuring private 1on1 meetings between directs and their manager. Here is the premise of how we use this feature in this way:

As you can see in the image below, we have dedicated sections to capture specific items that are multi-homed. Furthermore, we have standard tasks that also allow us to focus on some elements that don’t correctly correlate to work being performed. Within the body of these tasks we’ll include descriptions, links, comments, subtasks, etc to help track these areas over time. Each 1on1 is handled differently, but through this approach we are always able to make sure the right conversation is being held between us.

How do you manage 1on1s in your business? What Asana features do you find useful to drive the right conversations while maintaining alignment and clarity between reports and managers?


Fantastic tip here! I have been using this for 1:1 meetings for awhile now and it’s really great. I can take tasks from other projects and multi-home them to the 1:1 meeting agenda for discussion and then the 1:1 meeting agenda becomes a single source for all the discussion topics. Thanks for sharing @LEGGO !


Excellent tip, @LEGGO!

@Rebecca_McGrath and I use multi-homing on our 1:1 project a lot :slightly_smiling_face: I really like how you are organizing the tasks between different sections. In our case, we try to divide them between things we can discuss on a specific date and action items we should both get visibility.


Thanks you @LEGGO. I’ve been using tags for 1:1s, but this is a much better solution.

I know you can multi-home tasks, but what are the ‘Multi-home Projects’, ‘Multi-homed Stakeholders’ and ‘Multi-homed Status Requests’ sections for?

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Hello @Daniel_Taborsky!

These sections are a bit more specific to our workflow. We use the Status Update feature quite a bit so we designate a way to easily see which are still pending completion. I talk about this use case more in this post - 🔍 Track Status Update Requests using Advanced Search Reports

As for the other two, we have Projects in Asana designated to offer the ability to at-mention both Projects and Stakeholders (actual projects and stakeholders within these designated Projects are seen as tasks). More of this approach here: The Power 💪 of @mention & Advanced Reports combined


@Julien_RENAUD and I multi-home tasks into our Meeting project all the time :heart:


Did anyone catch Scale 2021? Dedicated 1:1 spaces as part of the Work Graph… Someone send me to the future! Can’t wait!!!


Did you, or anyone, get a sense of what that meant? I thought it was just referring to what we have now, a 1:1 project or team.

Rest looked great!


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Yeah, I sense it will function similar to a private project, but it seemed like a unique feature - enough to call it out as something new introduced :man_shrugging:t2:


For me it’s a project between 2 people that exist “by default”. You could navigate to any “project” between and anyone.

@Emily_Roman @Rebecca_McGrath is there an announcement somewhere to check on release?

While there’s no announcement with release details, you can find a new template dedicated to 1:1 agendas in the template library when creating a new project!

I saw this the other day and immediately used it to update my current 1:1 project! It’s awesome!