😱 How smart are you? Reveal your some cool ways/secrets of leadership/management via Asana!

Hi Asana together family,
Hope everything is safe and doing well.

Asad here, Asana Certified Pro and IT professional, from Pakistan.

I am creating this thread where everyone shares/enlists their smart or cool secrets of managing Asana workplace during your daily routine operations. Or feel free to share some problem and any smart solution(s) you have had figured out someday on Asana workplace. Just share with all.

It is going to be a directory of [unofficial] hidden secrets, tips and tricks by the users and for the users! :wink:

Let’s make the lives of others easier and better with Asana!
Let’s do it!! :rocket:

P.S. Yes, being an Asana Certified Pro, I have many stories and examples to share with you all but after you as I don’t want to be limiting the scope of it from the start of this thread. Just go ahead, whatever you have to share! :sunglasses:

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My secret tip: I have a project where I push things that are neither important or urgent, and usually never do them :grimacing:


Awesome! Name it no-man’s land then :wink:

Well, I had fingers crossed already that it would be my best man - Bastien, revealing the 1st secret!:smiley: Keep it up!!

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I leverage the multi-homing feature to bring work in (and out) of a dedicated space (private project) for 1on1s with my team. This allows us to have a standard structure to manage personal/professional items, but also invite items of priority in an adhoc fashion as they become a priority or focus.

We also map things like Status Update Requests, goal reminders, and various other things into the 1on1 so we are always on top of our work.

The beauty is other users that aren’t a part of our private project have no idea the tasks are mapped to our 1on1. They aren’t distracted and we are focused. WIN-WIN!


I would definitely echo what Jerod said. @Julien_RENAUD and I have a meeting project and we multi-home a ton of tasks in it so talk about them in the morning!