Export Workload directly to Google Sheets

Is there a way to get the detail on tasks exported from a Portfolio into Google Sheets? I like the Workload tab very much, but it has some limitations, for instance:

  • I cannot create a summary row to see total effort for the whole company
  • When hovering over an individual’s workload, sometimes they are assigned tasks in so many projects that the screen does not have room to show me the comparison of assigned effort vs available effort at the bottom

I think I could create some solutions if I had the Workload data in Google Sheets, but it appears that exporting the Portfolio only gives me aggregate task data, not tasks at the individual assignee level like Workload.
Currently I’m using a kludgy Excel of my own creation, and supplying the data through multiple advanced searches using CSV exports (since CSV exports truncate at 2000 rows). Portfolio/Workload is such a neat tool, I was hoping that I was missing some way to easily toss that data into a more flexible format. It seems strange that the data is only available to be sliced one way (by project) instead of also by assignee, when the Workload tab shows that Asana is using the data sliced by assignee.

Hi @Katie_Kendle, thanks for reaching out! As it stands, it’s currently not possible to export a Workload to Google Sheets. You can certainly export your Portfolio and the Google Sheets file will include a high level overview of the projects but not by tasks.

As a workaround, you can create a master project and multihome all tasks. Then you can export this project to CSV and convert it to Google Sheets, this will allow you to see more detailed information by each task. I understand this is very manual and I’ll make sure to keep you posted if this is something we plan to implement in the future!

@Emily_Roman Thanks for the quick reply. A better workaround for me has been to simply search on the Portfolio (instead of the time-consuming step of a master project & multihoming). The problem with this approach is that the CSV export truncates at 2000 rows – our company is not exactly huge (16 employees) but we do have more than 2000 tasks, over the course of multiple months, that we want to understand, so then I’m dealing with multiple searches & exports as previously mentioned.
Being able to export straight from Portfolio to Google Sheets avoids this truncation problem – we get all the data we want at once. So it would be hugely helpful to be able to export the Workload (i.e. task-level details) in the same way.