Export project, milestones and task status in word

I believe that the only possible option at the moment is to export in csv.

While csv export is numerous cases, it does require a lot of formatting addition, and it isn’t always the most readable/easy to digest format.

I am proposing to build a functionality that enables to export in a word document the important metadata of a project:

  • Project name
  • Project description
  • Project status
  • Milestones metadata
  • Custom fields


  • We would be able to select the metadata that goes on the word doc
  • This would not be displayed in an excel type format but rather text as if you were reading a document in word.

The company I work for, Amazon, has this functionality for an internal project management tool. I’m happy to show you what it looks like (with non-confidential information).

Let me know if you have an questions,



I believe the goal of Asana is to get you to come into Asana to look at Portfolios and Projects, so I am not sure they will work on such exports. That being said, I don’t work for Asana and this is only my personal guess, so posting here was a good move on your end!