Export tool should include Milestone and Approvals

It would be great if the Google Sheet Export of Portfolios would include completion/incompletion data for Milestones in addition to just Tasks.

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Thank you so much for sharing this feedback with us! Milestones are still pretty new, but I’ve no doubt they will be included to Google Shee Export in the future! I’ll make sure to update you on this thread as soon as I have more info!

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I just spent some time evaluating a few dashboard products as well as playing around more with Portfolios and how they interact with Google Sheets. Somewhat surprised to learn that there was no support of milestones yet!! So certainly +1 for this idea.

This is a must! and it shouldn’t take this long to just add this to the CSV export. Why is it taking so long?

Is there an ETA on including milestones in the export?

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I’ve created a robust project template with milestone tasks, approval stages and dependancies. I naturally want to copy this for many projects going forward. So I chose the export option to save everything as is so that I can just import into each new project that is created.

All tasks are copied and all assignees are copied, but none of the milestones or approval parameters are saved.

  • It would really helpful to have this saved in the export file.

Additionally, it would be great to not just have a text box description field for the project details. It would be great to add custom fields, such as (in my case) Quote Number, Order Number, Shipping Number etc. I have this ability in in each task, but not in projects.

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Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! Hopefully this is something our Product team can implement for project exports in the future! :slight_smile: