Export Events project to Outlook calendar

I know this has already been addressed here, but I’m trying to see if the developers at Asana have made any progress yet.
I need to export a project from Asana to Outlook calendar, but without all the individual subtasks. We have created a project: events, which lists all our events for the year. Of course each of the events has dozens of subtasks, which unfortunately also appear in the Outlook calendar.
Is there any solution to get this into the Outlook calendar without subtasks?

Thank you

Hi Lukin,

I understand that you’re looking to export a project from Asana to your Outlook calendar, but without including all the individual subtasks. As of now, the native Asana-to-Outlook integration might not offer the granularity you’re looking for in terms of filtering out subtasks.

One workaround you could try is to manually export the tasks you want and then import them into Outlook. This would give you more control over what gets included.

However, if you’re looking for a more automated and tailored solution, custom integration could be the answer. At Rally Essentials, we specialize in custom Asana integrations that can be designed to meet your specific needs, such as exporting only parent tasks to your Outlook calendar.

If you’re interested in exploring a custom solution, feel free to reach out to me at connor@rallyessentials.com to discuss how we can help.

Best regards,
Connor from Rally Essentials

Hi Lukin! I am with zzBots! I found a solution to your problem. With zzBots you can specify a tag on your task in Asana and only that task will sync over to Outlook.

I made a Bot Pack that is super simple and straight forward, with step by step instructions with images!

If you run into any issues feel free to contact us on our website!

Here is a link to the Bot Pack: https://www.zzbots.com/store/asana-with-certain-tag-microsoft-outlook-calendar-1-way-sync