Export csv differences

I have differences in the export files when this download directly or sending by email.

I have several projects and in some the export csv funcionality are exporting directly to a csv file and sometimes send it by email.

The problem is that the files are not similar and I can’t use it on my VB excel files.

Hi @Ricardo_Castro and welcome to the Forum!

Thanks for reaching out, sorry to hear you’re running into trouble. That does sound strange! Both should be CSV files; if the project is rather “light”, the CSV will automatically download while if there is a loads of tasks, we’re sending it via email, but in both cases the format is the same.

If this is not the case for you, could you please forward these two files to our support team so they can investigate further?

Feel free to share the URL of this thread too, so you don’t have to re-explain everything! Again, so sorry for the trouble here!

Hi Marie,
I think I got the same issue as Ricardo_Castro. I wanted to export a project as csv and the fields appear to not match with the order of tasks in in the project.

I already posted it in another bug feed, but the issue wasn´t solved for us. Is there anything we can send you so you can investigate further?