Option to have CSV always be exported via direct download

I want to ensure the direct download of the csv instead of going to email link. How can we do this?

Hi @Harshila_Srivastav1, I see you created another thread with this question. I’ll merge your posts :slight_smile:

How to ensure the direct csv download using export option instead of a download link getting shared over the email?

Hi @Harshila_Srivastav, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! Can you give more details about your question? How are you trying to export your project? This information will help me to investigate further! Thanks!

@Emily_Roman I believe this user is saying they would prefer that when exporting a project via CSV the browser would produce a file to download. Much like you see when you download something from a website through a browser. When performing this action in Asana, you get a notification that an email link will be provided when the data is ready for download.

I’m not certain, but I believe you receive this notification when a specific amount of data is being requested. The export might actually be a direct download from the browser if the project isn’t very large but I would have to test.

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I’m trying to download via export > csv option. This sends a link to my email, which i then click to download the file.

I want to ensure a direct download via export >csv option. This will be used in automating our task via RPA. The file is picked up by the RPA from the download folder.

But with the email link, this becomes difficult. That’s why want to ensure a direct download to my download folder.

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Hi @Harshila_Srivastav1,

The download format (direct download vs email link) depends on the size of the project you’re downloading. At the moment there is no option to ensure your project always export via a direct download. I’ve moved this thread to the #productfeedback category to allow you and other community folks to support this request although I can’t make a promise of when/if this will be delivered. I’ll make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I have an update!

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@Marie It would be great if for larger exports, Asana could create you a TASK instead of an EMAIL. Currently most of my exports go to email (because I am doing company-wide analysis so they have to be large). Once I click on the email, I then sometimes find out that my export exceeded the 2000 row limit, and I must go back and trim it somehow. If Asana was creating a task with the link instead of an emailed link, that would at least remove one step from this process.
Repeating this PSA: CSV exports are currently capped/truncated at 2000 rows and you will not find this out until you open the export file.

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