Export certain sections and specific information from a project based on property values

Sometimes our projects can be quite large in Asana. It would be nice if you can refine the project data you plan to export before initiating the export. A great way to do this would be to have another window appear once you click csv under export/print in the project dropdown. In that window you would select the sections you want to export and/or limit the amount of data you are exporting by putting in parameters around certain properties (ex: only pull tasks from this project that have a value of “high” for the property “priority.”). It would also be great to have some check boxes for sections so that you can select the sections you want to export in case someone without access asks for an update on a specific section of a project and you don’t want to invite them to individual tasks or the entire project.

Welcome, @Cliff1,

A couple of workarounds to offer until/if this becomes available:

I think Asana expects you to do such refinement with Advanced Search, and then in the actions menu in the search results view you can do Export > CSV

If you haven’t ruled it out already, consider my:

which lets you select arbitrary tasks in the project then generate just those selections into a CSV.

Hope one of those helps, or both for different circumstances!




This is fantastic! Thank you : ) Still hoping for this feature to become available but this will suffice in the interim. Have a good one!


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