Export and Reupload tasks to project so rules can trigger

I have a running calendar of upcoming events listed as tasks in one project. I wound up creating rules to send email notifications to the tasks assignee based on due date approaching.
Rule :

I know rules will not run retroactively, so I came up with this work around.
Export all of the tasks out of Asana delete them and then reupload them to same project.
Will Asana treat the tasks as new items and execute the email rule I set up?

Welcome, @Paul_Erlic1,

I would exercise extreme caution with this export/import approach because there’s a lot that will be lost in the process because what’s exported and re-imported doesn’t account for all types of task metadata. For example, all comments and audit trail (“Stories”) will be completely lost.

You could achieve the execution of rules in another way. Say you added a “Re-execute” dropdown custom field with one option value, “Yes”. Write a rule with trigger Re-execute changed to Yes, run your email action, or something along those lines, or perhaps multiple triggers to be safer.

(I didn’t test, but I expect if you used your initial approach, the rules would run on import.)