Expense Reimbursement Reoccurring Task


Anyone got any ideas on how to best structure a Reoccurring Tasks with multiple subtasks.

I have to submit my Expense Reimbursement by the 10th of every Month and have a number of subtasks under that;

  • Get invoices from Hotel
  • Create and Update Spreadsheet
  • Submit Invoice.

I have currently setup as follows;

Now ultimately I would like to have the task setup as follows;
Main Task Due 10th of the Month.
Sub Task 1 - Due 1st of the Month
Sub Task 2 - Due First Friday of the Month
Sub Task 3 - Due 8th of the Month

Now if I set the subtasks as reoccurring then they reoccur within the Main task and then duplicate.
If I don’t make then reoccurring but set a due date, when the Main Task duplicates those task as set to a date in the past making them overdue.

Anyone come up with a way to resolve this.

Hopefully I have made sense…



@Jason_Woods I think this thread and @LenSantos’s suggestion may have your answer. Please let us know if this addresses your needs or if you have specific follow up questions and we’ll be happy to help!

Thanks @Alexis for the suggestions.

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