Expected behavior for recurring task with date range

What is the expected behavior for a recurring task (e.g., daily) with a date range? Basically, I created a task with a date range and set it to recur daily. My hope was that the task would only recur daily during the date range. That’s not what happened, though. Instead, after I marked the task complete, it regenerated without the range.


I don’t have any experience with this issue, but couldn’t you (for now) just make the task repeat itself daily and set yourself a task to stop this once your range has ended? I know this is not ideal, but maybe it’s a temporary solution.

In general though (and from what I understand), repeating tasks are basically copied to a new task with the same name (either automatically or once the task is marked done - correct me if I’m wrong). In that case, it might be that the range is not one of the aspects Asana copies during this process.

@Tom_Suberg: Thanks for your reply! Just to be clear, I only think this is an issue if my expected behavior reflects the designed behavior. In other words, is the interaction I’m seeing the correct interaction, or should they interact like I expect them to? :slight_smile: I am using your described practice of simply stopping the task once it reaches the end of the range. That practice works great. Like you said, the ideal would be to be able to set an end date to the recurring task.

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Hi @Will_Reade. What you’re seeing is the intended functionality. At this time Asana doesn’t provide an end date option when we set a task to repeat. However, the workaround I’ve found helpful is to create a subtask or a new task that tells me to close the repeat task on the end date. It’s not perfect, but I’ve been able to use the practice just fine :slight_smile:

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