Expand and collapse the right pane in inbox

I just opened an “updated” version of Asana this morning and I can no longer collapse my right pane in my inbox. This change has had a negative impact in my ability to use the platform - please fix. Thank you, Gabor

Same here. I am a longtime Inbox user and always found it quite helpful to go through. I would glance at updates, click on them to dive deeper if needed, and then archive each item 1 by 1 when I was thoroughly updated on it. Result: Net Zero Inbox at the end of every day.

Now I find myself quite stymied, and it has taken a while to put my finger on exactly why (especially since I can’t toggle back to the old style). I believe it’s the fact that the detail pane is so large and always there, but it’s not necessarily the detail for the list item I’m looking at. It’s mental work to keep my eyes from darting right to find context, then perceiving the mismatch, then clicking to pull up the correct detail. The list show that there’s a new comment but only shows part of it…so I have to click in the list to bring up the task detail, then scroll to the bottom of the detail to see the new comment. Then I decide on my action but have to move back to the list…keeping in mind that if my fingers have slipped at any point, I have to check again to make sure that the list item visible and highlighted is the right one. So now it’s just harder to clear my Inbox, and feels more like work as opposed to a breeze.