Expand and collapse the right pane

It seems that the new update that took effect this morning removed the right arrow that used to allow me to collapse the right pane in my inbox. Can anyone please provide assistance on how I can collapse the right pane? Thank you, Gabor

Hi @Gabor_Szendrei,

In the new Inbox format just released, the right pane can’t be collapsed. See:

Hi Phil, is there any word on whether this could be toggled on/off? I like to work out of my inbox, but now it feels claustrophobic as I’m working from home on my personal laptop. Perhaps in the office, with my two-monitor setup I’d feel differently, but I think this may not have been the best time to implement such an overhaul. If you could resize the inbox feed and the right pane, that may also work, but alas I can’t seem to do that either. Any help would be much appreciated as this is a bit frustrating and definitely not an improvement in my eyes. Thank you, Gabor

No, in the current implementation it can’t be toggled on/off. The best thing you can do is create a request post in the “Product Feedback” section asking for the ability to close the right-hand Inbox pane. Several people have already made the same comment just in the first few hours of the new release, so I bet such a request will garner a lot of votes here!

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Thank you for taking the time to provide me with this info, Phil. I hope they give us a fix.

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